What Does RDC Mean in Delivery?(All You Need To Know)

When you ship packages or make an online purchase, you will need to understand shipping. They use all kinds of terms to let you know how your package is making its way through the shipping process.

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre, and it is a large warehouse that handles customer-sorted products, including business mail. There are 13 of these centers throughout the UK.

A lot of these phrases are unfamiliar, and they will use letters to indicate where the package is. For example, MC stands for mail center.

What Does RDC Mean in Delivery?

When you ship packages, one of the places they go on their journey is the RDC. This is the regional Distribution Centre. There are 13 different Regional Distribution Centers in the UK, and they handle customer-sorted products, including business mail. These are large, regular mailings from business customers that are pre-sorted.

What Is a Regional Distribution Centre?

RDC means Regional Distribution Centre. This is a distribution center that distributes to smaller centers.

These larger centers will sort mail and packages that need to be delivered, and they will then go to a smaller center where they can be sorted further and delivered.

What Is the Difference Between the Distribution Center and Warehouses?

A warehouse is a place that stores inventory, while a distribution center processes items and inventory for delivery.

The Distribution Centre and the warehouse have two different roles. Although they may look similar from the outside, what happens inside is not the same.

They are planned differently as well. The warehouse has a goal of storing as much inventory as possible, and it doesn’t need to be processed quickly. Before the eCommerce boom, there were more warehouses than distribution centers.

However, there might be more distribution centers now. With shipping, the distribution center is responsible for processing many parcels daily and moving them on to the next step in the shipping process. Efficiency is a key component here because it is necessary to access the items more quickly.

What Does RDC Mean in Royal Mail?

In Royal Mail, RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre. Royal mail has 13 RDCs throughout the country, and they sort all of the mail that comes through the region they represent.

Then, once they sort the parcels and letters, they send them on to the next stop. If you are expecting a package and see that it is at the RDC, this is the stop before your local sorting facility. This means that your package will be delivered soon.

What Does Outward RDC Handheld Acceptance Mean?

When you see Outward RDC Handheld Acceptance on your tracking, it means that your package has been accepted at the Regional Distribution Centre. It is going to be processed there before it is sent to your local post office.

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Final Words

Shipping packages can be confusing. People look at the tracking to find out where their packages are, and they see these terms that are unfamiliar. When you understand the terms, you will be able to determine where your package is more quickly.