How To Return Amazon Items To UPS?(Easy Steps To Follow)

Returning Amazon items can be intimidating if you’ve never done it, but rest assured that it is a fairly simple process, and you don’t have to do much work if you don’t want to. Doing it through UPS makes it really easy, and it’s also completely free!

The rest of this article is going to give you all the information you need about how to return items through UPS so that you can do so like a pro. Let’s get into it!

Will UPS take Amazon Returns?

The simple answer is yes, UPS will take your Amazon returns. In fact, not only will they take your returns to ship, but UPS can package and label them for you as well.

You can drop off your Amazon returns to the UPS store or (if you are eligible) have them pick it up straight from your house.

If you get your returns picked up, just make sure you will be around to hand them to the UPS worker.

How Does UPS Pickup for Amazon Returns Work?

When you are returning items on Amazon, the website will prompt you to select a return shipping method.

You’ll probably have to scroll quite a way down to find it, but the UPS Pick Up option will be on there somewhere.

All you have to do is press UPS Pick Up and then confirm your return.

After this is done, it should tell you when the UPS person will arrive to pick up your return.

You will need to package whatever products you plan on returning before they arrive, but UPS can provide the shipping label if you don’t have one.

The process is very simple. The UPS worker will arrive and knock on your door, then you can bring them whatever packaged items you are going to return. And that’s it!

This is also a nice option because it’s actually free.

So you don’t even have to leave your house, and your items will still be able to get returned without paying any extra fees.

How Do You Return Amazon Items to UPS?

Returning Amazon items to UPS is super easy and shouldn’t take too much of your time or effort.

When you are selecting your return method on Amazon, click the UPS Return option. After you confirm your return, Amazon should provide you with a return code.

When you go to the UPS store, all you have to bring are the items you are returning and your return code.

Show them your return code and hand in the items, and UPS will take it from there.

It helps if you box them beforehand, but that’s not entirely necessary, and UPS can do it for you completely free of charge.

Here are the steps:

  1. From the Amazon home screen, go to “Orders”.
  2. Once you find the order that you want to return, click “Return or Replace Item” next to it.
  3. Now you will choose your reason for returning the item and pick the refund method.
  4. In the return method section, pick “UPS Drop-off” or “UPS Pickup” depending on which one you plan on doing.
  5. Press “Submit”.

That’s pretty much it, that is how simple it is.

How Do You Print a UPS Return Label from Amazon?

If you want to print your own return label for UPS, this is an option that will make returning your items even easier.

Once you’ve gone through the process of registering your items to be returned and pressed submit, there will be a button that says “Print and Label Instructions”. Click this button.

It should take you to an electronic version of your UPS label, and you can print it from there.

Will UPS Print Your Return Label?

If you can’t print your return label or just don’t want to for whatever reason, UPS will do it for you free of charge.

All you have to do is show them your Amazon return code when you arrive, and they will gladly print you a return label.

The only reason you would do it yourself would just be to save time if you were in a rush and wanted the items completely ready when you arrived at the UPS store to return them.

If the label was already printed and attached, you would be able to just give the packages to the worker without worrying about them printing a label for you.

Where Can You Drop off Amazon Returns?

The most common places that you can drop off Amazon returns are Kohl’s and UPS. However, there are also Amazon Hub Counters in most cities where you can drop off returns.

When you are choosing your return shipping method, it will give you all of these options, and you will be able to choose which one you like best.

This way, you’ll know exactly where you’re supposed to drop off your return before doing so.


Amazon is renowned for both its amazing customer service and the ease with which you can return the purchased items in case you decide to do so.

As you can see, all you need to do is log into your Amazon account, find the item that you want to return under the “Orders” category, type in all the necessary details, and choose the way you want to return your item with UPS.

It is simple and pretty straightforward, so I am sure it will be a breeze for you since I’ve provided you with all the necessary steps to follow.