What Does Inward MC Mean?(All You Need To Know)

The Royal Mail company delivers parcels and letters as the primary postal service in the United Kingdom. They have been delivering mail in the UK for more than 500 years.

MC stands for mailing center, and inward MC means that a package has been received at a mailing center and will be processed.

If you are just learning about them, you may wonder what some of their terminologies mean. For example, sometimes, they talk about the MC and people don’t know what that means.

What Does Inward MC Mean?

Inward MC means that a parcel has been received at a processing center for mail, and it is going to be processed.

MC specifically stands for mailing center. Often the parcel is scanned at the mailing center, and it will show as inward MC. Then it will get a new scan when it departs. If it has a message of inward MC, it means that it is at a mailing center.

What Does MC Mean in Royal Mail?

In Royal Mail, MC means mail center. The mail centers are regional processing facilities where packages go before they are sorted and shipped out to their destinations. They have a network of 37 mail centers, and each one serves a geographical area of the UK. When mail is collected, it is brought to the mail center, and then it is sorted and sent to one of the 1356 delivery offices.

What Does Inward MC Mean with Shein?

If you order from Shein and check your tracking, inward MC means that your package has been received at a mailing center and is waiting to be processed and shipped out.

What Does Inward MC Rejected From Machine Mean?

When you have a package at the mailing center that was rejected from the machine, it means that there is something wrong. There could be a problem with scanning or the label may not be right. The label with the barcode could be damaged.

Other reasons include that it could be an item that isn’t allowed. It can happen when something that isn’t forbidden looks similar to a forbidden item or something that isn’t allowed to ship. If this type of error happens, the shipper needs to resubmit the package.

Q&A Section

Q: What does outward MC handheld acceptance mean?

A: The outward MC is the outward mail center, and it is the first center where your package goes when you ship it. Handheld acceptance at the facility means that the item has arrived and is there at the facility.

Q: What does ready for delivery mean?

A: When you see the tracking say, “ready for delivery,” it means that your package should go out to be delivered because it has been processed by the mail center.

Q: What does received at OE mean?

The OE is the Outward Office Exchange, and when a package is received there, it means that the responsibility for a package has transferred from one country to another.

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Hopefully, now you know everything there is to know about the mysterious acronym Inward MC and what it means for your package. There is nothing to worry about, it just means that your package was received at the mail center and is being processed.