About Us

Hello Everyone!

I welcome you to my website, packagepatrols.com.

My name is Martha, and as of right now, I am a self-employed freelancer who specializes in creating content for different logistics-related spheres. I work for other companies as well as on my own blog here.

I have worked for USPS for 3 years and then briefly at FedEx for about a year. But once Covid began, I started working from home.

I have decided to create this blog because I know firsthand how difficult and overwhelming it can be to mail your package the right way.

  • Which mail company to choose?
  • What does the status of my package mean?
  • Where is my package?
  • Which items can I mail internationally?
  • What to do if my package was delivered to the wrong address?
  • How many stamps do I need?
  • How to wrap my package?
  • Which box should I go for?
  • Where can I drop off my package?

And the list of the questions goes on and on… I helped my friends and family answer these and many other questions, and now it is time to make this information available to everybody who needs it.

Hope you will be able to find the answers to all of the questions connected with mail and delivery services after you read my articles.

Best wishes,


Here is the list of professional courses I have attended:

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Certificate