Will UPS Pack My Item?(+ How Much It Costs)

There are times when it is easy to package your items. You may have something that is a standard size and just needs to be placed in a standard-sized box with a label.

You can use any of the packers at the UPS Stores to pack your items. They are certified and trained in advanced packing techniques and in packing fragile items, expensive items, artwork, oddly shaped items, and more. They will pack things for free but you will need to pay for the supplies and shipping. If you have a UPS account, some packing supplies will be free of charge.

However, if you are shipping something fragile or an odd-sized item, you may not know how to package it safely. You may not have the size box that you need either.

Can UPS Package My Item for Me?

UPS can package your items for you. Their professional packers have a lot of experience with all kinds of packing, and they are certified to ensure that they know what they are doing.

They can use any of the supplies they need, including foam planks, boxes, and more. Not only will they pack your item expertly, but UPS guarantees anything that they pack with their supplies against loss and damage.

No matter what you need to ship, they can do it. They can package artwork, sporting equipment, electronics, and more.

They use the most functional and protective techniques, including block and brace, double box, and suspension. If you are shipping something and aren’t sure how to package it, they will do it for you.

Does UPS Pack for Free?

When you go to the UPS store, they will help you package your items if you buy supplies from them. However, you have to pay for a combined cost of supplies and packing. How much you will pay depends on the supplies you will require.

You can get yourself a pretty good bargain because if you pack and ship your items using materials purchased from The UPS Store, they’ll cover the cost of packing and shipping plus the value of your items if lost or damaged. Learn more info here.

It varies from location to location, so you should definitely check with your local UPS store to find out.

The UPS Store is separate from UPS, but it has a relationship with them. However, UPS Stores are independently owned, so you need to find out from them what they charge for packing. Sometimes they will advise you on packing and help you for free, but they may charge a fee.

Does UPS Charge Extra for Packaging?

UPS packaging is provided for free for UPS account holders for certain air and UPS Worldwide Express services. UPS also offers free supplies including forms and labels. If you have an account, you can go to their website and order the supplies from their available options.

If you don’t have an account, you can open one and order these packaging supplies for no extra cost. However, they sell other packaging supplies at The UPS Store and UPS Customer Center Locations.

Are Boxes Free at UPS?

For certain express and expedited services, UPS offers free boxes. You need to have a UPS account, and you can go online and order the supplies you need.

This includes some envelopes, tubes, and boxes. They limit the amount you can order at one time, and they will contact you if they are concerned that you are ordering boxes and not using them for UPS shipments.

If you are using other services, you will need to have your own boxes. If you have items that don’t fit in their boxes, you need to buy specialty boxes or pay for packaging.

What Is the Maximum Size Package for UPS?

Most shipping services have a maximum size that they will ship, and UPS is no different. Your package can be up to 150 pounds and up to 108 inches long.

The longest side of your package is considered your length. If you have an irregularly shaped package, pretend that it is a rectangle and measure the longest side to find the length.


UPS is clearly interested in you using their packing services because they have trained individuals working in the stores to assist you on top of giving you some perks if you do decide to pack your items with them rather than at home.