Shein Package Stuck In “Shipped”: What To Do?

Ordering online is exciting, and companies like Shein are a regular part of every shopaholic’s shopping hauls.

Eagerly waiting for your package to arrive is a significant part of the online shopping process.

But what happens when you track your Shein order, and it appears to be endlessly stuck on the “shipped” status?

Depending on what the reason behind the delay is, there are a couple of fixes you could try, ranging from waiting it out to a couple of technical fixes and lastly contacting Shein directly.

Read on to know which fix will work best for you, why these delays tend to happen, and how long you should wait before deciding on a course of action for a parcel that won’t arrive.

Why Is My Shein Package Still In “Shipped”? 

There could be a number of reasons why your Shein package still hasn’t landed at your doorstep, with each contingent upon the circumstances under which you placed your order and logistical or operational hold-ups at Shein’s end.

Here are a few reasons why your Shein package may still be stuck in “shipped” because of:

Export Customs Hold Up

China Post is responsible for getting all of Shein’s orders to your country of residence.

If there has been a hold-up at Shein’s end to pay the customs fee, China Post will not be legally able to ship out your order unless the situation is reversed by Shein.

Promotional Period Order

If you happened to have placed your order during a sale or while the special promotion was going on, a certain level of delay is expected owing to an obviously increased number of sales, which has probably caused a logistical backlog at Shein.

With the added fact that Shein operates out of China and is incredibly inexpensive, a longer delivery time is kind of the norm for Shein – which helps explain why the tracker may be stuck at “shipped” for longer than expected.

Issue With Transit

There are millions of companies shipping out huge amounts of parcels every day.

As a result, delivery services and their online counterparts are constantly subjected to high amounts of traffic.

Hence, it’s not unusual for these services to suffer from glitches and other physical logistical constraints, making issues with transit one of the reasons why your Shein package may be stuck at “shipped”.

Tracking Status Hasn’t Updated

Another reason why your Shein order may appear to be stuck at “shipped” is because your tracking status hasn’t been updated. Owing to large amounts of traffic on such pages, or perhaps because of some data backlog on your own web browser.

How Long Does Shein Order Take After It Says Shipped?

Usually, Shein packages tend to get delivered to your address within 2-3 weeks.

Sometimes your parcel may arrive earlier, but that is only a possibility when your order items are listed under “ships within 24 hours”.

Otherwise, owing to the fact that Shein parcels ship out from China, assuming a 2-3 week arrival date would be your safest bet.

What Can I Do To Speed Things Up? 

Tell Your Retailer To Pay Customs Tax

Contact Shein to let them know that your package is stuck at “shipped” and to pay the customs tax to get the ball rolling.

You can reach out to them either at their number, 844-802-2500, or get in touch with their customer support through their website – make sure to find the customer service site for your country (a quick Google search for “Shein Customer Service” should do the trick).

Lastly, you could even shoot them a direct message on their Instagram handle, @SheinOfficial.

Wait It Out

If the hold-up is because of either an issue with transit or a bug within the tracking website, then your safest and easiest option may be to just wait it out.

You can keep rechecking your parcel’s status, and it may change given the right amount of time. After all, patience is a virtue!

Get Your Order Reshipped

There may be a serious logistical issue preventing you from getting your order.

In such a case, it’d be best to contact Shein and ask them to reship your order, so you can have a better chance of receiving your parcel sooner.

Clear Browser Cache

As a result of a technical glitch or another issue of the sort, your order status may not have been updated on the website.

Clearing your browser’s cache should help with this.

Simply, access the “Tools” option from your browser’s settings.

Clicking on “Options”/Preferences” should get you to the privacy and security settings where you can use the “Clear Data” button under the cookies and site data heading, to clear the cache.

What Happens If My Shein Order Doesn’t Arrive?

If the above-mentioned fixes don’t work and your order still hasn’t arrived, and the status changes to “delivered” and you still haven’t received your package, you should contact the courier service handling your package to make sure it didn’t get delivered to the wrong address.

If it’s not an error at the courier’s end, make sure to check if your order is still eligible for customer protection, secondly screenshot your parcel tracking site and contact Shein to let them know of your situation.


While there’s convenience in ordering online, there are also drawbacks like the one outlined in this article.

But using customer service or a quick fix like resetting your cache are a few ways you can fix an issue like the status of your Shein parcel getting stuck on “shipped”.