How Do You Use UPS Waybill Number?

When companies use waybill documents to ship their goods, they may at some point turn to UPS and need to apply their waybill number to track or inquire about their shipment(s). In this article, we’ll explore how you use UPS waybill numbers.

You can use UPS waybill numbers by heading to UPS’s online tracking page and entering your waybill number. By selecting the “track” option, you can find out the shipment details, route, and other details. 

Continue reading as we explore what information UPS waybills provide and how to use them for tracking and other purposes. Let’s get into it.

What Is A UPS Waybill Number?

A waybill is simply a document that a shipment carrier will prepare to outline the shipment details.

These details include everything from the charges involved, the route of transit, where the shipment is coming from, and who/where the recipient is.

The waybill number is the number that helps you to identify your waybill when you want to access its information online or track the shipment.

The waybill number is sometimes referred to as an “AWB” or “Air waybill number”. 

This number is a unique 8-digit code following “406-”, and when shipping with UPS, it can help you to identify your order.

How To Get A UPS Waybill?

You can get a UPS waybill by requesting one with UPS Air Cargo’s Air Waybill Request Form. This form requires you to share information including your company name, address, contact name, email, phone, fax, requested stock, type, shipping method, and other details.

You can only obtain this form from U.S., Latin America, Mexico, and Canada origins.

Once you obtain an air waybill via UPS, you have to type it or computer-print it.

You’ll have to enter information including:

  • Shipper’s account number
  • Shipper’s name and address
  • Consignee’s account number
  • Consignee’s name and address
  • Issuing carrier’s agent name and city
  • Agent’s IATA code
  • Account No.
  • Airport of departure
  • Airport of destination
  • Declared value
  • Currency
  • Handling information
  • Other details found on UPS’s website

Is Waybill Number The Same As Order Number?

A waybill number is not the same code as the order number, which is primarily used to identify your shipment order.

A waybill number can be used to identify your shipment as well.

However, the waybill number also has the purpose of tracking your shipment until it reaches its intended destination.

Both numbers are unique codes, but with UPS International Shipping, the waybill number is specific to tracking the air carrier and other details.

You can’t get online and enter your order number into UPS’s tracking page to find the whereabouts of your shipment.

How To Find Out Your UPS Waybill Number?

While traditional shipment tracking numbers usually appear on the receipt you get from a UPS shipment facility, the AWB number is sometimes located elsewhere.

If you want to find out your unique UPS waybill number, you can do a couple of things.

One option is to check the email you used when creating your air waybill with UPS.

If you selected SMS updates with your shipment, you can check those for the waybill number.

And if you’re still struggling to locate your waybill number, you can contact the Global Capacity Management Center at 800-535-2345 for assistance.

How To Use UPS Waybill Number?

Once you have located your unique waybill number with UPS, you can use your UPS waybill number by going to the “Tracking” page of UPS’s Air Cargo website. Once you reach this page, you’ll see two boxes.

One box (on the left) usually has the digits “406” already entered.

The box to the right of this one will be blank and open for you to type into. This empty box is where you’ll enter your UPS waybill number.

Once you have entered this number correctly, you can select the “Track” button.

You’ll be directed to a new page where you can see the waybill details for your company’s shipment.

If you have multiple UPS waybills that you want to monitor, you can actually enter up to 10 waybill numbers at a time.

You simply have to separate these codes with a comma each time before selecting “Track”.

Can You Track By Waybill Number? 

Yes, you can track your UPS air cargo shipments with a waybill number because a waybill number is essentially the same as a tracking number.

Keep in mind that waybills only apply to air cargo shipments with UPS, so you won’t have a waybill number if you’re utilizing ground shipping services.

Final Thoughts

For those wondering how do you use a UPS waybill number, keep in mind that you can use this number like you would a traditional tracking number.

You have to fill out an air waybill request form with UPS.

Once you obtain it, you can get your waybill and associated waybill number, and enter the AWB number on the “Tracking” page of UPS Air Cargo’s website.