How To Find Out Who Sent You An Amazon Package?

Have you ever received an Amazon package that you cannot identify, and wanted to know who sent it to you? You aren’t alone; many people experience this and find themselves confused.

Not knowing who has sent you a gift can be awkward since you can’t thank them, but it isn’t always easy to tell who is responsible for a package. Unfortunately, Amazon will not reveal sender information in most circumstances, and you may not be able to tell from the tracking information either.

Does Amazon Tell You Who Sent A Gift?

Amazon only tells you who sent a gift if the sender writes this in themselves.

When you are purchasing something from Amazon, you have the option to tick a box that says “This is a gift.” If you do this and proceed to the checkout screen, Amazon will display a box in which you can write a message and add your name.

This box is auto-filled with “Hi, Enjoy your gift!” but the sender can customize it and add their name to the package so that the recipient knows who it is from.

However, if they choose not to do this (or they forget), Amazon will not display the sender’s information anywhere on the package.

How To Find Out Who Sent You An Amazon Package

If you have received a mystery package, it may be worth contacting Amazon’s customer services to ask if they can tell you who sent the package.

Unfortunately, in many cases, they will not be able to do so because company policy forbids them from giving out personal information.

If you can correctly guess the sender, sometimes the representative will be permitted to confirm it, but even this may not be possible, depending upon the circumstances.

Unfortunately, there is not really any other way to identify who has sent an Amazon package.

If it was purchased using your account (possibly by your partner if you share an account), it may have been hidden or archived, in which case you might be able to view it, but otherwise, there is not much that you can do.

Can You Track Where An Amazon Package Came From?

Sometimes, you can track where an Amazon package has come from by looking at the “tracking history” on the USPS website.

This may tell you the original city and state that the package was sent from, in some circumstances. However, it will not give you a sender name unless the sender included this on the return address.

This may be frustrating if you want to work out who to thank for a gift that you have been sent, but to protect privacy, most companies will not tell you who the sender was, and in many cases, they may not have a name themselves.

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Not knowing who has sent you a package can be awkward, because it leaves you unsure of who to thank when you receive a gift.

Unfortunately, there is not much that you can do about this besides looking at shipping information if it is available.