What Does It Mean When Shein Says In Dispatch?

Have you ever seen the “in dispatch” notification on your Shein tracking page and wondered what that means? It’s not a clear “dispatched,” so it might leave you puzzled as to what is going on with your package.

In dispatch” means that your order has been put together and packed up ready to be shipped, but it is still currently in the warehouse, awaiting pickup. It should not stay in this state for very long, as it has everything it needs to travel and is just waiting for the courier to collect it.

What Does Despatched Mean In Delivery?

The word “despatched” is a variation of the word “dispatched,” and it means that a package has left a retailer (or other senders) and is on its way to the intended recipient.

The package should be with the courier when you see the message, although with Shein, the term “in dispatch” means that it is ready for the courier, but hasn’t yet been collected.

Is Dispatch The Same As Delivery?

No, “dispatch” and “delivery” are different terms. “Dispatch” means that an item has been sent, while “delivery” means that an item is handed to the intended recipient.

You should only see “delivered” when the package has reached your home, although you may see “out for delivery” when it is on the last leg of its journey and a courier is on their way to your door.

What Are The Stages Of Shein Delivery?

  1. When you place an order with Shein, the order will be sent to the warehouse, where staff will collect the items for your order.
  2. These will then be packed into a suitable container, and an address, name, contact details, and shipping invoice will be included.
  3. This package will then be picked up by a courier and transported to a local shipping depot.
  4. From there, it will begin working its way to you, possibly passing through other depots, especially if it has a long journey.
  5. As the last stage, it will be handed to a local courier, who will bring it to your door as part of their delivery route.

How Long After Dispatch Is Shein Delivery?

How long you have to wait for your package once it has been dispatched will depend upon the shipping option that you selected at checkout.

If you choose Standard Shipping, it will be between seven and thirty days after dispatch that you receive the item, depending on whether it has shipped from China or not.

If the item is shipped locally, it will come much more quickly.

If you choose Express Shipping, it should only take two to four working days after dispatch if it is shipped from inside your country.

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What Does Waiting To Be Picked Up Mean With Shein?

Waiting to be picked up means that you ordered their “Pick up at a convenience store” option and the items are ready, or that your package needs to be collected from a local post office.

Contact Shein for further information about this.


Shein says “in dispatch” when packages are ready to be collected by the courier, but are still in their warehouse.

This lets customers know the items are ready and should be on their way soon.