Shein Express Shipping Time: All You Need To Know

Shein Express Shipping is really handy if you need your order to arrive quickly, perhaps if you have bought clothing for a special occasion. It’s also a great option if you don’t like waiting for your mail.

Shein Express shipping usually takes two to four working days, plus one to three days of processing time for your order to be picked out from the warehouse, packed, and sent. The company has warehouses in the Middle East, Asia, America, and Europe to speed up shipping times and ensure customers get their purchases promptly.

What Is Express Shipping On Shein?

Express Shipping is the option provided by Shein for those who want to receive their items more quickly than the standard shipping option allows for. It allows you to track packages, as well as offering much faster delivery times and is ideal if you are in a hurry to receive something.

It’s important to make sure that you enter your shipping information correctly when you choose this shipping option, because this will ensure that you get your package as expected, and it doesn’t get misdirected or lost.

However, if you have a P.O. Box, you won’t be able to use Express Shipping, as Shein does not ship to P.O. Boxes using this method (although they will ship standard parcels to P.O Boxes).

Express Shipping costs $12.90, but it is free on orders over $159, so if you have a large order, it’s worth checking whether you qualify for it.

Can You Get Express Shipping On Shein?

Yes, you can get Express Shipping on Shein if you select this option at the checkout. You will have to pay an additional amount for it, however.

Standard Shipping costs $3.99 and is free on orders over $49, but Express Shipping costs $12.90 unless you order over $159. That’s a significant increase in price, so make sure you need Express Shipping before you select it.

How Fast Is Shein Express Shipping To The USA?

Shein has warehouses in the USA, so shipping should only take two to four working days, plus the usual processing time of one to three working days.

With the express shipping, you can expect to get your order within about a week. It’s no Amazon, so we suggest you order your items at least 2 weeks before you actually need them to be on the safe side.

How Long Does Shein Express Delivery Take?

You should have your package within about seven working days at the longest, and three working days as a minimum.

Because Shein adds a processing time to its delivery time, it can take a little while for the package to arrive.

However, if something you order from Shein has to be shipped from overseas, it could take a couple of weeks.

What Is The Fastest Shein Delivery?

Express Shipping is the fastest option currently offered by Shein.

They do not provide any other shipping options that are quicker than this. If you need your items more quickly, you will need to choose a different chain.

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Shein Express Shipping often takes around a week to deliver, although it can be as little as three days if you are very lucky and the item gets packed quickly.

The company does not offer next-day delivery or faster shipping options.