What Are Mailing Business Days? (+How To Count Them)

If you shop online a lot, you have probably seen the term ‘business days’ while finalizing the order. When you place an order, you usually get notified about the time required for your package to reach you. That’s where this term is used.

So, what are mailing business days? Mailing business days are official working days on which courier companies operate. When you hear something like ‘Your order will be delivered within 5 business days, it means that it’ll take 5 workdays for your package to get to you.

Let’s look at some in-depth details of mailing business days and how to count them.

What Are Mailing Business Days? 

Mailing business days are days on which courier services deliver packages.

These are working days that don’t include holidays or weekends. If a holiday comes up on a weekday, it won’t be considered a working day.

How Do You Count Business Days?

Business days are normal workdays, so it’s easy to count them. Working days don’t include weekends or any special holidays. That means that days from Monday to Friday are business days.

Courier services don’t ship packages on holidays, such as Black Friday or Christmas. You also need to remember that the day you place your order will not be included when you’re counting business days.

The day after that will be considered 1 business day.

How Many Business Days Are In A Week?

There are 5 business days in a week. Weekends are not counted as business days. Even though some regions have businesses operating on Saturdays, weekends are generally not considered official working days.

Is There Any Business Days Calculator? 

Yes, there are numerous business days calculators online to count working days. They are simple to use. Here are some general steps you’ll have to follow.

Step 1: You first get to select the date from which you want to start counting.

Step 2: Then, you choose the number of business days you want to work with.

Step 3: You can either add or subtract your chosen number of days from the date you selected at the beginning.

Step 4: Since some companies operate on Saturdays, some calculators give you the option to include Saturdays on business days.

Step 5: You will then get the resulting date.

Does The Post Office Count Saturday As A Business Day? 

The post office does deliver packages on Saturdays, but they are not counted as business days.

That’s because you have to pay an additional fee to ship a parcel on Saturday. Keep in mind that this isn’t the case with USPS.

They provide options such as Priority Mail for Saturday deliveries without extra payment.

What Is The Meaning Of 7 Business Days? 

Start counting business days 1 day after you place your order. The day after is considered as one business day. Similarly, every following workday will be counted as a business day.

For example, you place your order on a Monday, and your package is supposed to get delivered after 7 business days. In that case, you will receive your package next Wednesday.

Here is an easier explanation.

Monday: Order placed

Tuesday: 1 business day

Wednesday: 2 business days

Thursday: 3 business days

Friday: 4 business days

Monday: 5 business days

Tuesday: 6 business days

Wednesday: 7 business days

What Is The Meaning Of 7 To 10 Business Days? 

7 to 10 business days means that your package will be delivered to you between 7 to 10 workdays.

Here is an example.

Monday: Order Placed

Tuesday: 1 business day

Wednesday: 2 business days

Thursday: 3 business days

Friday: 4 business days

Monday: 5 business days

Tuesday: 6 business days

Wednesday: 7 business days

Thursday: 8 business days

Friday: 9 business days

Monday: 10 business days

So, if you place an order on a Monday and you are told that you’ll receive your items within 7 to 10 working days, it means that courier service will deliver the products between the next Wednesday and the next-to-next Monday.

What Is The Next Business Day For USPS? 

USPS generally delivers from Monday to Friday. However, it does provide its customers with some options that allow shipping on Saturdays.

You can opt for Class Package, Priority Mail, USPS First Class Mail, Retail Ground, and First- Express as they all offer delivery on Saturdays. Priority mail doesn’t charge any extra fee for Saturday deliveries.

Still, if you want Sunday deliveries as well, you can go for Priority Mail Express. You will have to pay an added amount for this option.

Final Words

Mailing Business days refer to working days during which courier services ship parcels. These don’t include holidays or weekends.

Some services deliver on Saturdays, but you may have to pay extra for that. Regardless of this option, Saturdays are not counted as workdays. Business days are from Monday to Friday.