Can Someone Else Pick Up Your FedEx Package?(Yes, But …)

Life happens, and sometimes you might not be able to pick up your FedEx package yourself. Thankfully, you can ask someone else to receive that delivery.

Anyone who has the same address as you do can pick up a FedEx package instead of you. If your delivery does not require an adult signature, you can also receive a QR code from FedEx Delivery Manager – anybody can use the code to pick up the package.

Can Someone Else Pick Up Your FedEx Package?

If you are sharing an apartment or a house with someone else, then that person can pick up your FedEx package.

He or she would have to show the tracking number and a government-issued photo ID.

The latter will be used as proof to show that the person lives at the same address as the one that is identified on the package’s label.

Alternative identity documents can also be used to prove that the person lives with you. Those include utility bills, credit card statements, and some others.

What Is FedEx Delivery Manager?

FedEx Delivery Manager allows you to keep track of your deliveries, customize your preferences, and manage delivery times.

You can sign up for free. However, some of the functions are available only to the users who have chosen to pay a monthly fee (for example, you’ll be able to reroute the delivery and request a specific delivery time).

FedEx Delivery Manager is also a great tool for those who would like to ask other people to pick up their packages.

After redirecting the package to a FedEx location, you will be given a QR code.

The best part is that you can choose to use the QR code instead of a government-issued photo ID when arriving at the location to pick up the package.

This also means that you can simply send the QR code to anyone who you’d want to pick the package for you, and they wouldn’t have to show any other documents.

Do bear in mind that this feature is available only for deliveries that don’t require an adult signature.

Do You Need An ID To Pick Up A Package From FedEx?

Once you get a text, an e-mail, or an automated call from FedEx notifying you that the package is ready for pick-up, you will have up to 7 days to receive the package at the location that you have selected.

To pick up the delivery, you’re going to need a government-issued photo ID.

If the address in your ID does not match the address on the package’s label, then you would have to show the tracking number and an alternative identity document:

  • A utility bill or statement
  • A health or auto insurance card
  • A credit card statement
  • A property statement

What Is A Letter Of Authorization In Shipping?

A letter of authorization is a signed document that allows you to act on behalf of another person (or business).

In the case of shipping, you will be able to claim and receive the packages on behalf of the person with whom you have signed this letter.

FedEx has an example of an LOA on its website.

If you are signing the LOA for remote pick-up, you would have to provide FedEx with all the necessary information, so that they can process the request.

That is the payor’s FedEx account number, name and surname, address, telephone, e-mail address, and so on.

In a nutshell, if you have managed to get everything right, then another person would be able to receive your package (even if the person doesn’t have the same address as you do).

Will FedEx Ask For It?

If you come to pick up the package, and you don’t have proof that you live in the same house as the recipient, and you don’t have the recipient’s QR code, then FedEx can ask you to show a letter of authorization.

However, usually, the person who would want his package to be picked up by someone else would have to come to FedEx beforehand and give them the LOA personally.

Once that ‘someone else’ arrives for pick-up, he would have to show an ID that matches the information that FedEx had been given.

What If It’s Your Relative Picking Up Your Package?

If your relative has the same address as you, then he or she would be able to pick up the package without a problem.

Simply having the same last name is not enough to receive a package on someone’s behalf.


Anyone who lives in the same house or apartment you do (and has proof of it) can pick up a FedEx package instead of you.

You can also sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager and share the QR code with the person who you would want to receive the package.