Processing Exception & FedEx: All You Need To Know

If you’re bouncing from foot to foot, eagerly awaiting a package through FedEx delivery, the very last thing that you want to see is the word “exception” next to your package label under tracking.

Processing exception falls under the umbrella of delivery exceptions and basically means that there was a problem processing your package. It can be caused by the wrong address info, customs delays, problems with the label or the package itself, public holidays, severe weather conditions, or there was simply nobody at home to collect the package.

No one wants to see an exception next to their tracking info. Usually, it works itself out in no time, however, if you’re worried about it and/or if the package is extremely important to you, you can contact FedEx on their customer support page. 

What Does Processing Exception Mean At FedEx?

Like plane flights, mail and packages have “layovers” while they’re transiting to your mailbox or front porch. When they arrive at a FedEx facility, they are “processed” in and “processed” out on a new delivery vehicle.

A processing exception means that there was a problem at this juncture.

There are a number of things that could cause this, including mislabeled packages or packages that went the wrong way and therefore never showed up at the first processing facility, to begin with.

What Are The Types Of FedEx Delivery Exception?

Generally speaking—every mail delivery service has its own terminology for certain things—there are four, different types of delivery exceptions.

  • Incorrect Address and/or Label Damage
  • Holidays
  • Loss and Damage
  • Pick Up and Deliveries

An incorrect address and/or label damage is probably the most common issue that creates processing exceptions or delivery exceptions.

A single letter or digit that’s off can mess up both the sender’s and the recipient’s day, so always make sure to double and triple check before mailing a package.

Holiday periods are notoriously bad times for delivery agencies and FedEx is no exception. If you mail anything during the holidays, you need to be precise about everything that concerns your package, from the weight and dimensions to the mailing address.

Loss and damage caused by FedEx will result in a “loss” exception. A loss exception is basically an apology from which you may be able to get at least some of the value of your items back.

However, it’s important to insure anything that is very valuable to either you or the recipient before shipping. Also, ensure that anything valuable or breakable inside is carefully and meticulously protected.

Pick-up and delivery exceptions usually happen when the carrier can’t find the delivery address or address for a scheduled pick-up. In this scenario, you should re-submit the pick-up request and provide another time for the carrier to deliver your package.

Why Does My FedEx Package Say Processing Exception?

If you jump on the FedEx tracking tool and discover that your package is labeled with a processing exception, that means your package is on hold because there was a problem processing it at the original FedEx facility or the problem occurred at a transit FedEx facility. 

Usually, this occurs if the package doesn’t show up or if the label is damaged or some other confusion with the labels because packages are processed by scanning the label in and updating the system that the package has arrived.

It gets scanned again on the way out.

How Long Does It Take To Process An Exception FedEx?

Usually, it takes 24-hours to process an exception but that’s assuming that everything goes completely right.

For instance, if the label was damaged in transit, there may be no fix if the label simply cannot be scanned.

Otherwise, the package has to be located and redirected if packages were inadvertently loaded on the wrong delivery vehicle.

What Does FedEx Shipment Exception Unable To Deliver Mean?

You could get the “unable to deliver” message for a number of things. Perhaps you left your dog in your gated front yard and delivery instructions stipulated that the package should be dropped at the front door.

Mislabels are problematic as well, but “unable to deliver” is usually something that keeps the driver from delivering the package to your front door.

What Does FedEx Delivery Exception Future Delivery Requested Mean? 

This means that FedEx has your package at the facility that is located locally in terms of where you live, but for a variety of reasons, they’ve postponed delivering it.

Before you go all crazy at the infuriating implications, there are some reasonable explanations for this.

  • Current or impending adverse weather
  • The sender requested a hold on the package
  • Courier vehicle was in an accident
  • They will hold the package if you have another one coming in so they can deliver both at the same time

That sounds a lot more reasonable although it may be a source of irritation if you see that message underneath the tracking status. There’s no sense in taking your package out for delivery if your county is covered in flash flood warnings.

Occasionally, for whatever reason, the sender of the package may put the package on hold. Technically, they can do that, even though the package is being sent to you and it’s out of their hands.

This is more commonplace when a payment doesn’t go through although the package is out the door.

To save money and time, FedEx will often hold a package if you have a second or third one coming in. In this way, they can deliver them all at once rather than making several trips.

How Do I Fix The Delivery Exception With FedEx?

The most important thing that you can do is contact FedEx, either through their customer service portal online, by calling their service line in your local area, or by texting 29372.

It’s very likely that there won’t be much that you can do, at least physically.

You’re not going to be able to travel to the last known location of your parcel or package and rummage through the FedEx facility there at your leisure.

Patience and understanding will have to go a long way here.

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Running into any sort of “exception” is never going to make your day, however, a little patience is usually rewarding. Most of the time, these things get sorted out, if not on your timeline, then at least on some timeline.