What To Do If UPS Attempted Delivery?(Steps)

In the age of ecommerce, many of us get our goodies from online stores, and delivery services like UPS bring them right to our doorstep. But what happens when things go missing or the delivery is unsuccessful?

If a delivery is unsuccessful, many drivers will leave a note telling you how to proceed. First, track your package with the provided tracking number and then either pick it up from a depot or request another delivery attempt. Always make sure to go online and book a convenient delivery slot, so you won’t miss the delivery again.

If you come home to find a note saying that there was an attempted delivery, don’t panic! The rest of this article will walk you through what to do next and how to pick up or have your package delivered safely.

What Does It Mean When UPS Attempted a Delivery?

When you see a delivery attempt unsuccessful note left at your door or see it on their website, it simply means that the driver was unable to successfully drop off your package.

That may be because there was no one home to receive the package in cases where a signature is needed, or because the driver was unable to locate or reach your home.

If the driver can’t find your home, then it is likely that your address is missing information and needs updating.

Additionally, if the parcel requires cash on demand, the driver isn’t allowed to simply leave the package on a doorstep.

Do UPS Leave a Notice?

UPS drivers will often leave you a UPS Info Notice, which has all the relevant details you need to ensure you receive your package.

The notice will contain a tracking number so that you can see exactly where your parcel is by visiting the UPS website.

It may also contain information regarding when UPS will try to deliver your package again.

If you want the driver to leave your package on the doorstep, you can sign the Info Notice on the ‘Your Signature’ line and put it back where it was originally left by the driver.

Alternatively, you can log into your UPS account and specify the delivery instructions, and where the package should be left.

That way, unless your package requires a signature, the driver can leave the package on the doorstep.

Will UPS Reattempt Delivery?

UPS will attempt delivery three times. Each time, a notice informing you when the delivery attempt was made will be left.

If the final delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the note will say so, and you will need to go online.

You may then be able to request another delivery attempt, or you’ll have to pick up your package.

How Many Times Do UPS Try to Deliver?

While UPS will try to deliver your package three times, there are some special conditions.

UPS drivers may only attempt delivery once if the area is remote (an island, for example).

Be sure to contact UPS if you believe they are attempting to deliver to the wrong address, or if you didn’t receive a UPS Info Notice.

What to Do If You Missed UPS Delivery?

If you should miss delivery after three attempts, you can check the Info Notice to see where your package is being held.

In most cases, the package is sent to the nearest UPS center, where it will be held for five days. After that time period has passed, the package will be sent back to the sender.

Cash on Demand deliveries are sent back on the same day as the final delivery attempt was made.

Can You Choose UPS Delivery Time?

You most certainly can. In fact, this is the best thing to do if you want to make sure you get the package this time.

If you are a UPS My Choice member or Premium member, you can pick a 2-hour confirmed delivery window from within the original 4-hour estimate.

Allmembers can choose their delivery window option two days before the scheduled delivery date until the morning of the scheduled day of delivery.

Both of these options will allow you to book a certain slot for your delivery, regardless of what your membership status is with UPS.

You can even customize the delivery instructions for your next delivery. This way, you can specify where exactly you want your package to be left upon delivery.

All you need to do is to log in, find your package’s tracking page, and go to “Add Delivery Instructions” option, which will appear above the current tracking details.

Can You Pick Up a UPS Package If You Missed Delivery?

If you’ve received an Info Notice with information regarding where your delivery is being kept, you can go online to the Tracking page of the UPS website to see where your package is being held.

You can either visit the depot or UPS center where your item is being held to pick it up, or you can request that the package be held at your local UPS depot for you to pick up.

Unfortunately, if you miss your delivery, the item will probably not be returned to the depot and ready for pickup until the next day.

If you’ve missed your delivery, call UPS and inform them that you would like to pick up your package the next day.

Once you get there, any Cash on Demand fees will be due, and upon completing any necessary paperwork, you can pick up your package.


If you find a UPS Info Notice on your doorstep, now you know what steps to take to make sure you get your package.

Be sure to stay on top of tracking your package throughout the delivery process.

It will inform you of when a delivery attempt was made so that you know when you need to be at home to receive your package.

If the delivery is still unsuccessful, you’ll have to call UPS and see where your package is being held for pickup.