How To Mail A Passport Safely?(Best Tips)

If you need to mail a passport, you may be wondering what to do and how to make sure that it doesn’t get lost. A passport is a key part of identifying who you are, and it’s important not to risk it getting lost or stolen in the mail!

When mailing a passport, you need to choose a kind of mail option that requires a signature at the other end. These options maximize the chances of your passport getting to the right place, and not being lost or stolen en route. Make sure that there is a clear return address on the package.

Which Courier Delivers Passports?

Many people recommend using USPS as your go-to option for sending passports; as a government service, they are sometimes seen as more reliable and more trustworthy than the private couriers.

However, you can use any other courier firm as long as they do not prohibit the sending of passports. All couriers should offer a clear list of items that are prohibited, and if a passport isn’t listed, it should be fine to send it.

If in doubt, contact the courier you are thinking of using and ask them.

Is It Legal To Send A Passport By Courier?

Yes, it is legal to send a passport by courier as long as it is not leaving the country. It is not legal to mail passports internationally in most cases.

What Is The Best Courier To Send A Passport?

You can use any courier, as long as they have a good reputation for being reliable. It is highly recommended that you use a trackable service when mailing your passport, however, no matter which courier you choose.

Do not send a passport without some form of signature requirement, and preferably some insurance. You can treat mailing a passport as mailing the equivalent amount of money in cash, plus a little extra since there is labor involved in replacing the document.

It’s a good idea to put some insurance on it for this reason.

Some couriers offer a passport-specific service, which you may want to look into. However, almost all couriers will send passports and you don’t need to do anything special for this.

Many people recommend FedEx as a good mailing option if you need the passport to travel fast; their services are more expensive than USPS’s but they are faster.

What Envelope To Send A Passport In?

You can use any kind of envelope unless the service you are using dictates otherwise. However, it is recommended that you don’t use a letter-size envelope or anything that makes it obvious that it contains a passport.

Passports have quite a distinctive size and shape, and if the envelope you use is thin or very close in size to the passport, there is a greatly increased risk of somebody stealing the item.

It is therefore best to use a larger envelope and to wrap the passport in bubble wrap (or use a padded envelope). This will make it much harder for somebody to tell what it is from the outside, and could reduce the risk of the item being stolen.

A large envelope will also mean that any accompanying documents do not have to be folded before being sent, which may make them easier for the computers to scan.

Most government agencies recommend sending a passport using USPS’s Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope, because this ensures that you will get a fast, secure, signed-for service.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Passport By Post?

This will depend on how you send it and which courier you use. You can mail a passport for very little money if you don’t bother with insurance, signatures, etc., but this is not advisable.

If you are going to use a USPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope, you will usually pay approximately $27 for this if you purchase it online or at a post office.

Other couriers will charge more, but may offer faster shipping times.

How To Mail A Passport Safely

The most important part of mailing a passport safely is that you must use a recorded signature service; this reduces the risk of the package being lost, because it will be tracked and somebody will be responsible for it until it reaches its destination.

You can also increase the security of mailing a passport by putting it in a large envelope, wrapping it to conceal what it is, and adding insurance to your mailing choice. You may want to use an expedited mailing service.

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You can mail a passport safely by using a confirmed and tracked delivery service with any reliable courier, but many people recommend using either USPS or FedEx for the best results.

Make sure your package is sealed, and insure it if necessary.