What Does “Refused By Recipient” Mean With FedEx?

Additional fees, wasted time, and a spoiled mood – that’s what a refused package is usually associated with. However, getting to the root cause of the problem is the only thing that’ll help resolve the issue.

“Refused by recipient” means that the consignee had decided not to accept the package. This can happen if the recipient doesn’t want the shipment any longer, if the package is damaged, or if the person is not the one to whom the package is addressed.

What Does “Refused By Recipient” Mean With FedEx?

It basically means that the consignee refused to accept the package.

A recipient can do this in a few ways:

  • Wait for the driver to arrive at the designated address and then let the courier know that you want to refuse the delivery (usually, a valid reason would have to be provided).
  • Leave a note for the courier that says that you refuse to accept the package.
  • Refuse the delivery after the courier had left the shipment at the door by calling FedEx and bringing the delivery to the nearest depot.

Why Can A FedEx Package Get Refused?

  • If the consignee is not expecting any shipments, then he would, most likely, refuse to accept an unknown package.
  • The person can refuse the delivery if he or she is not the person to whom the package is addressed.
  • The recipient has simply decided that he doesn’t need this package any longer.
  • The consignee can choose to pick up the delivery at the FedEx office. In such a case, the delivery to the recipient’s house would get canceled.
  • If the package and/or the content is visibly damaged, then the recipient can also refuse to accept the package. A refund can be requested in such a case as long as the recipient has photo proof.
  • The delivery was late. The consignee that was planning on receiving the package in a certain timeframe can certainly turn down a delivery that didn’t arrive on time.

By the way, a FedEx package can get refused by the company itself. For example, if the courier suspects that the package might contain prohibited items, the driver can choose not to deliver the package.

What Happens When A FedEx Package Is Refused?

If, for any reason, the shipment is undeliverable, then FedEx is going to try to reach the sender.

In case the client does not reply within 5 days or fails to give the company any instructions about the package, FedEx will do one of the following things:

  • Return the package to the sender
  • Store the shipment in one of the company’s warehouses
  • Dispose of the package

Who Pays For a Refused FedEx Package?

The sender would have to pay for all the scenarios mentioned above.

In such a case, the client has to be prepared to take care of the original charges, the return charges, and any duties, taxes, and storage fees (if applicable).

FedEx is going to pay the fees only if the package wasn’t delivered to the recipient due to the fault of the company.

Will FedEx Pick Up A Refused Package?

If the driver has just delivered you the parcel, and you don’t want to accept it, then you can certainly refuse to do that.

In such a case, the driver will take the package to the delivery depot.

The company’s employee might ask you for a signed confirmation of your refusal (this usually happens with international packages).

FedEx will then try to contact the shipper from their end and send the package back.

Do bear in mind that you might still have to pay duties and taxes (if you are dealing with an international package). Of course, you can always claim a refund directly from the customs.

Can You Call FedEx To Refuse A Package?

What if the package got delivered, and you weren’t there to receive it in person?

Then you can try calling FedEx customer service. Provide the shipment tracking number and the delivery address, and explain why you are refusing the package.

FedEx usually arranges pick-ups from businesses and rarely from residences, but you can give it a shot.

If the company doesn’t agree to pick up the shipment, then you would have to take it to the nearest FedEx drop-off location.

You can also try to refuse the package before it has been delivered.

Simply call FedEx and tell them that you don’t want the shipment to be delivered. Do bear in mind, however, that there is no guarantee that the delivery would be stopped.

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A recipient can refuse the package for a wide range of reasons.

In such a case, the sender would be notified that the delivery had been refused and he or she would have to tell FedEx what to do with the package and would also have to take care of the associated fees.