Can You Ship A USPS Box Through FedEx?(Yes, But …)

When it comes to shipping, there are several different companies out there, and they each offer different services to their customers. They often have their own packaging, and it will be coded or specified what kind of shipping service you are using.

Most of the time, FedEx will let you use any box as long as it is properly labeled, addressed, and paid for. You should cross out or use tape to cover any previous tracking information or labels. FedEx uses its barcodes to move your box through transit to delivery, so as long as your package is properly labeled, you can use a USPS box. 

However, people often want to know if they can use a USPS box when they are shipping FedEx.

Are You Allowed to Ship a USPS Box or Envelope with FedEx?

Although FedEx will often ship a package in any box as long as it is labeled properly, it isn’t legally allowed by the US Post Office. In spite of that, most of the time, FedEx will ship it if you have a FedEx label on it and mark out any old labels.

Keep in mind that FedEx does require that you use their packaging for their FedEx One Rate. You should also cover any USPS markings before you use it.

You aren’t likely to get caught or get in trouble, but it is actually illegal to use USPS boxes or envelopes for any service other than USPS. The US Post Office is federally funded, and the boxes and other shipping materials are available for customers who are using their services. These packaging materials are free, and they expect you to respect their rules.

What Are the Official Box Shipping Rules at FedEx?

Similar to other companies, FedEx has its own shipping rules for boxes. You can use any packaging that is free of damage and sturdy, as long as you cover any old addresses or barcodes.

The only time that you need to use FedEx packaging is when you ship through their FedEx One Rate service.

FedEx offers their own boxes for free, and you can order them online or pick them up at any FedEx location. If you are sending chipboard boxes, they must be packed in a corrugated outer box. They also recommend that you use double-wall boxes for heavier items.

You need to use a proper FedEx label, and any old labels need to be crossed out. You can’t ship to a PO Box. When you use FedEx, they will let you use just about any box as long as it isn’t damaged.

Is it Better to Just Get a Plain Box or Envelope?

It is always better to use a plain box or envelope in place of a USPS box or envelope. However, FedEx has its own packaging for most of its services, and you can get it free of charge.

It is easy to either order it online or pick it up at a FedEx location near you.

You can use plain boxes as well, and they won’t provide opportunities for confusion. If it is a plain box with nothing more than your FedEx label, it is less likely to be scanned incorrectly or end up in the wrong place.

FedEx delivers a lot of packages every day and using their packaging or a plain box or envelope is the best way to make it clear and easy for them to deliver your package accurately.

What Happens If I Put a USPS Package in a FedEx Box?

If you put your USPS package in a FedEx box, they will probably ship it as long as you remove any old labels and barcodes and apply a proper USPS shipping label.

But if you paid for the package delivery to USPS, FedEx clearly won’t be able to ship it for you.

However, it isn’t a great idea. USPS offers a few different shipping boxes, and they do sell other supplies if your package needs it. Even if you accidentally package your shipment in a FedEx box, you might consider changing it when you get to the post office.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Drop Off USPS Mail at a FedEx Dropbox?

If you accidentally drop your USPS mail in a FedEx dropbox, there are several different things that can happen.

Sometimes, when the FedEx driver empties the dropbox, he or she will drop it in the USPS box if it is nearby. Other times, FedEx could possibly deliver the package for you.

More likely, FedEx may let USPS know that they have packages that were meant for them, and they will hold them until USPS comes to pick them up. In fact, this happens more frequently than you might imagine.

Another possibility is that FedEx will contact you if you happen to have an account with them or if your phone number is on the package.

FedEx will rarely throw your package out; if you realize that you have made this mistake, you might want to contact them to find out how you can retrieve the package.

Final Words

Although you can ship FedEx packages in a USPS box, you shouldn’t. It is best to use FedEx packaging because they are readily available and cost nothing.