Who Delivers DHL Packages?(It Depends)

If you are waiting for a package from DHL, you might be wondering who delivers these packages. DHL operates internationally, so do they have couriers in every country?

Who delivers the package will depend on the situation. DHL Global Mail is usually passed to the postal service or individual couriers in the destination country. However, with national shipping, DHL often handles its own deliveries, although it sometimes partners with USPS to reduce costs and offer cheaper shipping options.

Does DHL Do Their Own Deliveries?

This is very much dependent on the situation. DHL does have its own vehicles and does deliver its packages some of the time, but at other times, the packages will be passed to another courier to deliver.

This can bring down the costs, making them a more attractive shipping option, but it does sometimes mean that delivery will take longer.

DHL eCommerce tends to be delivered via USPS, while DHL Express tends to deliver personally, but is often used by businesses, rather than consumers.

Using USPS and other couriers to make deliveries reduces DHL’s costs, so the company often does this when it isn’t cost-effective for them to deliver to a certain area.

When sending items abroad, the company may need to tap into local delivery networks, as it may not have employees in that country.

Does DHL Deliver Through USPS/UPS/FedEx?

DHL uses both USPS and UPS to deliver items at some times and in some locations, but does not currently work with FedEx.

If you are expecting something that has been shipped with DHL, it is possible that your item will eventually be delivered by USPS or UPS, depending on the situation.

These agreements are aimed at speeding up deliveries and keeping the costs of delivering low. USPS has an enormous network across the United States, and UPS’s is impressive too; it makes sense for the companies to collaborate to get everything delivered as quickly as possible.

This can lead to some challenging logistics for both companies and it also has the potential to confuse customers who thought they were looking out for one company and not the other, but it does reduce costs.

If you are expecting a delivery from DHL, you may wish to look out for UPS, or be aware that USPS may bring you the package despite the original shipping company.

The package may have DHL branding on it, but it is perfectly normal for another shipping company to deliver it (and this applies abroad, too).

Who Does DHL Use For Local Delivery?

Which company DHL uses will depend on the logistics of an individual package. Very often, USPS steps in, providing what is called “last mile” delivery for the company.

This means that DHL transports the package for most of its journey, but passes it to USPS for the actual delivery.

This part of the delivery is often the most expensive, because couriers have to go to individual properties instead of being able to transport everything to one central hub.

Because USPS is already delivering to almost every US property every day, it makes sense for this company to take over for the “last mile” part, even with the logistical challenges that this can present.

This massively decreases DHL’s costs and makes it easier for the company to offer economical shipping to its customers.

In instances where DHL does its own shipping, prices may be higher, because there is an additional cost of getting the package to the door.

Who Delivers DHL Packages In Canada/Australia?

When packages are sent to Canada, DHL will pass them to the Canadian Post, for the same reasons that they often pass US parcels to USPS.

Canada Post has a wide network that means they can deliver packages anywhere in the country quickly and easily, without massively increasing the prices of delivery.

Similarly in Australia, Australia Post will often take DHL packages for the company, although it is possible you will see other couriers involved too, depending on the situation. Again, this means DHL can deliver effectively throughout the country.

Because DHL specializes in international shipping, it needs to partner with other companies in the destination countries in order to be successful.

DHL would otherwise need to employ enormous numbers of people in every country to deliver packages. It makes much more sense for them to pass mail to the relevant postal service in every country they operate in.

if you live in Canada or Australia, expect to receive your DHL shipments through your standard mail service company, rather than from individual couriers.


DHL delivers some of its own packages in some circumstances, but it also partners with various other postal services, both nationally and internationally, to get mail shipped economically and effectively.

USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, Royal Mail, and other shipping companies will partner with DHL for this reason.