Can You Send A Passport With DHL?(Technically, Yes)

If you need to mail a passport, you may be wondering which courier to use, and whether it is safe and legal to do this. Passports are pretty important documents, so you don’t want to take any risk that this could go wrong and cause problems.

DHL’s website lists passports under their “DHL does not ship the following products” page. The courier has a full page dedicated to items that it will not transport for its customers, and this includes the statement “valuable documents such as passports.” Confusingly, another part of DHL’s website lists “passports” under the items you can send. It may be best to contact DHL for clarification on this.

Can A Passport Be Sent By DHL?

DHL’s website gives contradictory information regarding the shipping of passports. One page lists them under products that the company doesn’t ship.

DHL also states on another part of its website that you should “avoid” sending anything that is “irreplaceable or would be costly or difficult to replace, for example, a passport.”

This seems at odds with the other list, which lists passports as an item that the company will ship. If in doubt, get in touch with DHL’s customer service team and see what advice can be offered regarding the mailing of passports.

DHL’s reluctance to ship passports may be because the company does not want the liability of these expensive and important items.

However, according to anecdotal evidence, many people do ship passports via DHL’s services without an issue, so you may wish to try. There is nothing about a passport that should inherently ban it from being shipped.

Is It Legal?

It is legal to mail a passport using DHL’s services, yes. Many people mail passports every day – both to get them renewed and to transport them to different parts of the country, where they may be needed.

For example, if you are traveling and you have taken your partner’s passport with you by mistake, you may need to mail it back to your partner if they suddenly have to travel themselves. This is perfectly legal and is done regularly.

Is It Safe?

Mailing a passport does have some inherent risks associated with it. There is always a chance of an item getting lost in the mail, which can be expensive and concerning with something as valuable and personal as a passport.

There is also a risk of somebody stealing the passport, and many people are uncomfortable with letting their passport leave their possession.

You should therefore make sure that your passport is sent using a signed-for, tracked courier service, and that somebody will be available to accept it at the other end. It is also a good idea to add insurance.

Can You Courier Passports Internationally With DHL?

There are quite a few complicated rules about shipping passports internationally, and a lot of misinformation exists. In some cases, this practice is illegal, and passports can only cross international borders while in the possession of their owners.

However, in other cases, you may be able to mail a passport internationally. It might depend on the country that you are sending it to, so the best thing to do is contact DHL with the specifics of your situation and ask their advice.

The customer services team should be able to tell you if there are any restrictions on getting the passport mailed and whether it is okay to do this. If it is, you can safely get the package sent.

How To Send A Passport With DHL

You should make sure that you choose one of DHL’s tracked, signed-for, insured services before you send a passport with DHL. Package the passport securely so that there is no risk of it falling out or the package being torn during transit, or the passport could get lost.

You may also wish to wrap the passport in a sheet of bubble wrap or a larger piece of cardboard or paper so that it is less obvious what you are shipping. This may help to deter thieves.

When you have done this, pay for the appropriate service, drop off/arrange pick up of the package, and your passport will be on its way.

How To Track Your Passport Delivery

As long as you have opted for a tracked service (which you should do), you should be given a tracking number by DHL when you send the package.

This can be entered into their tracking software on their site, and it will tell you where your passport is.
It’s a good idea to use this service so you can enjoy peace of mind about your passport’s transportation.

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You should be able to send a passport via DHL, but you may wish to confirm this with the company first, since some of their website information is contradictory.

Make sure you choose a tracked and signed for service to keep your passport safe.