How To Easily Send An Anonymous Gift On Amazon?

As the holiday season arrives, sending gifts to friends and family seems like a pleasure. But, things become more fun when you hide your identity. Yes, you read that right! Luckily, Amazon allows you to send gifts to your friends and family without letting them know who the sender is.

So, do you want to know how to send an anonymous gift on Amazon? You’ll have to choose the desired gift first. Then,  click the “Add gift options”. Choose and save all the gift option settings. Email the recipient the digital copy of their gift receipt for easy returns by ticking the corresponding box.

Now, let’s have a detailed look into sending an anonymous gift on Amazon.

What Does A Gift Option Mean On Amazon?

The gift option on Amazon means that you can buy the items and send them directly to the receiver by adding their address. When you select the “this item contains a gift’’ option, Amazon will hide the price. However, you can also choose to include the price.

Amazon introduced a new policy to provide convenience to customers and let them send gifts to their friends and families.

It’s essential to mark that item as a gift so that Amazon knows where they have to deliver it and who sent it.

Luckily, Amazon provides further convenience by wrapping the gift. Although it will charge for this service, you can rest assured that your gift will get delivered without any hassle.

Does An Amazon Gift Show Who Sent It?

Amazon will only show who sent the gift if the sender wishes to disclose his identity. It makes sending anonymous gifts on Amazon easier.

If the sender doesn’t want the receiver to know about him, Amazon will respect his decision and only include the gift receipt along with a short note.

Thus, the Amazon gift will not show who sent it if the sender doesn’t want to.

If you get such a gift and are curious to know about the sender, Amazon won’t be able to disclose that information due to data protection.

So the only thing you can do here is to simply enjoy the gift.

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How To Send An Anonymous Gift On Amazon?

If you don’t want to reveal your name and details to the receiver when sending an Amazon gift, Amazon will help you through it.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Choose a gift that you want to buy.
  2. Tick the “Add gift options” box.
  3. Add the product to your basket.
  4. Click “Buy now”.
  5. Choose the delivery address.
  6. Choose the appropriate gift options.
  7. Email the recipient the digital copy of their gift receipt by ticking the box for easy returns.
  8. Click “Save gift options and continue”.
  9. Proceed with the payment method, and your gift is ready to get delivered.

How To Send An Anonymous Gift On Amazon?

How To Send An Anonymous Gift On Amazon?

This way neither your name nor your email address will appear on the gift receipt or the invoice, that sounds pretty anonymous to me!

And the only address mentioned on the box will be the one of your recipient.

How To Send An Amazon Gift Without The Address?

If you don’t know the address of the person you’re willing to send the gift to, Amazon will help you through it. You can use their email address.

For this step, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member and use the Amazon mobile app. By providing the email address, the recipient will get an email to accept or decline the gift offer.

If they accept, Amazon will ask them to provide their own delivery address.

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Q&A Section

Q: How To Send An Amazon Gift Without The Sender’s Name?

You can send an Amazon gift without the sender’s name by choosing the gift option as shown up top. You can write anything or nothing in the name box depending on what you want.

Q: How Do I Send An Amazon Gift Without An Invoice?

You cannot send an Amazon gift without an invoice. All Amazon orders get shipped with an invoice for security reasons.

Q: Does Amazon send invoices with gifts?

Yes, Amazon sends invoices with gifts. When you choose the gift option indicating that it’s a gift, Amazon will prepare an invoice, which is sent to the receiver.

Q: Do Amazon gift receipts show the price? How to hide it?

Yes, Amazon gift receipts show the price. If you want to hide it, select the “Gift receipt” option on the “Choose Gift Options” page while placing the order.

Q: What does it mean when it says gift options are not available on Amazon?

It means that the prices cannot be hidden while sending the gift. They will also send your information with the gift receipt.

Final Words

Sending anonymous gifts to surprise your friends and family is fun, and Amazon helps you get the most of it. You can send anonymous gifts on Amazon by using the gift option and hiding your identity.

Even if you don’t have the recipient’s address, you can still send the gift using their email address.

So, make use of this amazing facility and keep sending gifts to make your loved ones happy!