How To Return An Amazon Package After The Return Date?

After delivery, Amazon will provide you with a short time frame in which you can return the product to them. During this window, you can instigate the return via the ‘Orders’ page. There will be a link. But, what happens when this link has disappeared? Can you still return a package to them?

To return a package to Amazon after the return date, you need to speak to one of their customer service agents. You can do this on the phone or over the live chat system. If the agent agrees to the return, they will walk you through the process. Amazon tries to provide the very best customer service, so they are very likely to agree, in my experience.

Can You Return Amazon Items After The Return Date?

Amazon does have fixed return dates. When you order a product from them, they will happily accept returns for a short period after.

All you need to do is head to your list of orders and click the returns button. This is simple.

After that, you have no guaranteed right to a return.

The only way to return a product to Amazon after the return date is to talk to one of the customer service agents. This can be done over the phone or their live chat.

The details for both can be found by clicking the ‘Help’ link on your Amazon order page.

When you talk to the agent, they will ask you why you are returning the product. They will then make a decision based on the information that you have given them.

As long as you are not returning too many products to Amazon, chances are that they will approve the return.

What Happens If You Miss Your Amazon Return Date?

It depends on how much you have missed the return date by.

Amazon never guarantees returns after the return date. Their terms and conditions say as much.

However, if you have missed the return by just a day or so, then they will be more than happy to help you out.

The longer you leave it, the less likely the company can help you, particularly if you have ordered a product from a third party on their platform.

To trigger a return after a missed return date, open up your Amazon orders page and select the ‘help’ button next to the relevant order. This will put you in touch with Amazon.

Remember, if you are granted a return, you must ship the product back to Amazon as quickly as you can.

You mustn’t miss the return date too often.

While Amazon is likely going to be happy to help you if you miss it once or twice, if you are constantly missing return dates and demanding that you return the product, they may start rejecting it.

Will Amazon Extend The Return Window?

During major holidays (i.e. Christmas), Amazon will have an extended return window policy. For products ordered between October and December, you will often have up to February to return them.

Amazon does not grant individual return window extensions.

Amazon will grant you additional time to return the product if you ask.

However, they expect you to return the product right away. Extra time to return does not mean that you have extra time to use the product.

How To Return An Amazon Package After The Return Date?

The process for returning an Amazon package after the return date is not all that much different from returning it before the return date.

As stated, you will always need to start by talking to customer support. The easiest way to do this is through the live chat system. A link can be found on almost every page on the Amazon site. You can also give Amazon a call.

When you are connected to a service agent, they will ask for details about your order. They may also ask why you are planning on returning the product. You must tell the truth, e.g. that you missed the return window.

If the service agent grants your return request, they will provide you with information on how to make the return. Most of the time, they will email you with a label that can be placed on the returned package.

There will also be information on how to hand the package to the courier. In many cases, the courier will collect directly from your home or place of business.

If the item is small, then you may just be given a return address. You will need to write this address on the envelope and return it to Amazon via normal mail.

It can take up to 2-weeks for Amazon to process your return, although it is likely going to be quicker.

Final Word 

If you miss the return date for your Amazon package, you can contact the Amazon customer support team.

As long as you are not returning too many packages ‘late’, they will likely be able to help. Just make sure that you return the product as quickly as you can.