How To Easily Hide Your Amazon Orders/Browsing History?

Amazon is a great place to buy gifts, If you have a shared computer, you may want to hide your Amazon order or browsing history to ensure that others can’t tell what you have purchased. How do you do this?

To hide Amazon orders, you must head to the Amazon orders page and select ‘Archive Order’. To remove your browsing history, you must open up your Browsing History page. From here, select ‘Manage History’ and switch it off.

Can You Hide Orders On The Amazon App/Browser?

The process for hiding orders on Amazon is rather simple. The same process can be followed for both the web browser and app version of Amazon.

Do bear in mind that you are not able to hide orders until they have been dispatched.

There may also be limited situations where you may not be able to hide the order for a while, e.g. pre-orders.

  • Click “Accounts & Lists” in the top right-hand corner of Amazon.
  • Select “Orders”.
  • For each order that you wish to hide, select “Archive”.

It is important to note that you cannot delete orders permanently. They will only ever be archived.

This means that somebody may still be able to tell what you have ordered, although it will require a bit more effort.

Does Amazon Have An Incognito Mode?

Amazon has a way in which you can switch off your browsing history. However, it is not strictly an incognito mode.

This means that once it has been switched off, it is permanently switched off. It doesn’t matter what computer you use.

To use recognition mode, you will need to do the following:

  • Open up your browsing history on Amazon (you must be logged into your account).
  • Select “Manage History”.
  • Move the slider for Browsing History to “Off”.

Do bear in mind that this will not remove the current history. You will need to remove those items from the list if you wish to hide those.

You can remove items individually, or you can remove all pages from your history. The links to do this will appear on the same page.

How To Go Incognito On Amazon Prime?

There are two parts to Amazon Prime. You have your order and browsing history. You also have your Amazon Prime watch list.

Both of these will influence what you see on the Amazon site, so you must know how to manage them both.

It is important to note that there is no long-term incognito mode on either Prime Video or the standard Amazon website.

Amazon Prime Orders & Browsing History

Hiding Amazon Prime orders is easy. Once an order has been dispatched, you can ‘Archive’ it from your Amazon orders page.

Your Amazon browsing history will appear on the front page. This will have words similar to ‘Related to Items You Have Viewed’.

Click the ‘See More’ link. You can switch off and remove items from your browsing history from this page.

Amazon Prime Video

There is no recognition mode on Amazon Prime Video. You can, however, hide your watch history.

You will not be able to hide your watch history through the Amazon Prime mobile app. Furthermore, you can only do it through your browser.

  • Head to and sign in to your account.
  • Select “Prime Video”.
  • Select the “Settings” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Click “Watch History”.
  • Remove all the movies and TV shows that you do not want to be displayed in your watch history.

It may take Amazon a day or so before the removed watch history stops influencing your recommendations.

As we said, there is no way to turn off watch history completely. This means that if you do not want people to see what you are watching, then you will need them to use a different Amazon Prime Video account.

Thankfully, Amazon allows Family Prime, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

How Do You Hide Amazon Orders?

To hide Amazon orders, open up your Amazon order page. From here, select ‘Archive Order’.

Some orders cannot be archived. This, mostly, means orders that have yet to be dispatched.

You may not be able to archive orders if the item is currently going through the returns process.

Can You Browse Privately On Amazon?

Not technically, no. Amazon will always be keeping tabs on what you do on the site. It is how their business runs and how they provide product recommendations.

You can ask them to stop recording your search history, though. To do this, look for your search history on the main page. Select ‘See More’ and turn off your history there.

Do bear in mind that any searches you carry out will be private. They can only be seen by the account that carried out the search.

How To Make Your Amazon Browsing History Private?

Your Amazon browsing history will only ever be visible to your Amazon account.

If you want to make it private, then log out of your account.

If multiple people use your account, then you can turn off your browsing history on this page

Simply click “Manage history”, delete all the existing products from the list,  and then turn your browsing history off with a toggle.

How To Delete Order History On Amazon App?

You cannot delete your order history on Amazon. You can only archive orders, and this information can always be retrieved again, albeit not that quickly.

To archive orders, head to the list of orders on the Amazon app. Select ‘Archive’. This order will no longer appear in your list of Amazon orders.

Do bear in mind that this information can be retrieved. If you have accidentally archived an order, head to the orders page and select the three dots button. Turn on the filter for ‘Archived Orders’.

Final Word

Amazon makes it easy to hide your order and browsing history. Order history can be hidden from the orders page, although you can’t permanently delete orders.

Remove your browsing history by clicking on the link next to any location where your browsing history appears, which is normally on the home page.