Does Amazon Actually Check Returns?(Yes, But …)

Planning on returning an item to Amazon? While it is a simple process, a lot of people wonder whether there is a risk that their return will be rejected. Others wonder if Amazon is going to take an in-depth look at the reason for a return. So, does Amazon check returns? Let’s find out.

Amazon will check returns, but perhaps not to the same lengths that other companies do. As Amazon will likely be processing thousands of returns per day, they will probably do the bare minimum. This means checking that an item is in the box, as well as the overall condition. Items may face closer scrutiny if they come from regular returners. 

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

Yes. If an item has a serial number, Amazon will always check the item when it is returned.

This is to ensure that people are not returning faulty or stolen items. This used to be a common problem for Amazon.

If the product does not have an identifiable serial number, then they won’t check anything. Chances are that they will check whether the returned product matches up to what is on the return’s note.

Can You Get in Trouble For Returning The Wrong Item?

You won’t get into trouble, as such. Nobody is going to scold you for it. However, you may receive some extra charges.

For starters, Amazon won’t return an item that you shipped them incorrectly. They will destroy it. They won’t give you cash for it. You will be left out of pocket.

If you are returning a faulty product, Amazon will often ship out the replacement before you return the broken one.

If you do not return the broken item, then Amazon will charge you for it. However, they will let you know before that happens.

Some people have claimed that they will try and get the item from you several weeks beforehand.

Can Amazon Reject a Return?

While Amazon can reject returns, it is unlikely that they will. Love them or hate them, Amazon does tend to do a pretty good job on the customer service front.

They are more likely to take a hit from a ‘bad’ return than punish a customer. After all, the latter can cause them a lot of business.

While people have had Amazon returns rejected, it tends to be for one of the following reasons:

  • They returned the wrong product.
  • It was an unapproved return.

Tips on Sending An Item Back To Amazon

Always make sure to start the process of return through your Amazon account by going to the list of your recently ordered items, and the selecting Return or Replace Items.

While Amazon doesn’t require it, we suggest that you always photograph items before they go into the box. This way, you have a record that you have sent back the right item.

Of course, everything should be fully tracked too. Amazon will be able to help you with this.

We suggest that you put as much packaging material into the box as possible. If an item gets damaged in transit, then Amazon may charge you for it.

There is also a small chance that they will reject the return.

As per Amazon rules, only one shipment per box. If you are returning items from multiple shipments, they will need to be shipped back separately.

What Does Amazon Do With Return Items?

It depends on the condition of the item.

If the item is in a fairly new condition, then Amazon will just put it back into their warehouse and resell it.

If the item or packaging shows clear wear and tear, then Amazon will still sell it. However, they will sell it as a ‘warehouse’ item.

This means items that have been discounted due to the condition that they have been returned. Don’t worry. This is not something that impacts the returner.

Of course, if the item is completely broken, Amazon will work with the supplier to get a replacement. Again, this is not going to have that much of an impact on those carrying out the return.

Amazon will refund you before the supplier gives them cash.

Can You Get Banned From Amazon For Returning Too Much?

Perhaps. However, your returns would have to be very excessive.

Some people have complained that they have been banned from Amazon as they were constantly returning products.

If you are only returning a few products per year, or there are genuine reasons for returning a product to Amazon, then you should be fine.

You aren’t going to get banned if you are not abusing their system.

The rules can vary between countries. For example, EU countries tend to have better consumer protections, and thus they are less likely to be banned than somebody in the US.

Final Word 

Amazon does check returns, but will not carry out an in-depth investigation. Their main goal is to ensure that the right product has been returned.

They will also work out what to do with the product based on the condition it was returned in. Serial numbers may be checked.